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Jennifer McDermott avatar I started my career as a Front-end Web Developer (aka Web Designer) and User Experience Designer in 1996. Back then, the World Wide Web was like the Wild, Wild West: no rules, no boundaries, limitless possibilities. After 16 years of professional experience and ongoing observation of industry trends, it's clear to me that those days are over. Best practices dictate that a business Web presence must be user-centered and data-driven.

This site is a responsive Web design, coded in html5 and css3. You can view it on a desktop browser, a tablet or a smartphone.

User Experience and Interface Design

Audience Segmentation

Starting in 2010, the Conklin Web Development team* met weekly to discuss content architecture for the next build (Version 2.0) of the corporate Website.

We first identified targeted segments of the market for each product line, then I created some content-based wireframes and updated copy for selected products. I added keyword research I had done previously to assist in writing copy.
Extract from Design Specifications for Version 2.0
*Team consisted of myself, the Communications Director, the Art Director and the Cold Fusion Programmer.


Coding html/css/jQuery/Javascript

Graphics and Flash

Online Site Promotion and Social Media