Hello World!


In the first grade, I had the vague notion of video games being somehow correlated to programming. One thing led to another, and after several years of tinkering with basic concepts, it became clear that there was a long road to developing fully fledged games and a rich world of technology to be explored. Year … 415-442-3149

The Brilliant Trick behind Microsoft’s Collection of Faces


If you’ve worked on any project involving face recognition you have most likely came across a dataset like Megaface, a collection of over one million images of human faces, each annotated with a specific identity. You have probably wondered where do all those freely-accessible face images come from. After all, they are highly personal pieces … Read More

I have seen a Dystopia

I have seen a Dystopia

All the following stories are real. All the photos are OC. We were wandering down Sakai-suji, one of the dozens of hardly distinguishable roads which cut parallelly through Osaka, the second largest metropolis in Japan. The repetitive grid of intersections blurred the downtown to the point that residents couldn’t even pinpoint a particular ‘city center’. … 6787584552